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Monday, April 21, 2014

Cut through the fog: An evidence-based review of treatments for children with cerebral palsy

As a parent, I am also subject to all kinds of claims of efficacy for treatment. 

How can you cut through the fog?

As a member of the Academy of CP and Developmental medicine, I suggest this very readable article for parents of children with CP to educate themselves on best practices.

- Dr. Rotenberg

New Clinical and Research Trends in Lower Extremity Management for Ambulatory Children with Cerebral Palsy


Cerebral palsy is the most prevalent physical disability in childhood and includes a group of disorders with varying manifestations and levels of capability in individuals given this diagnosis. This chapter will focus on current and future intervention strategies for improving mobility and participation over the lifespan for ambulatory children with cerebral palsy (CP). The provision and integration of physical therapy, medical and orthopedic surgery management focused primarily on the lower extremities will be discussed here. Some of the newer trends are: more intense and task-related exercise strategies, greater precision in tone identification and management, and a shift towards musculoskeletal surgery that focuses more on promoting dynamic bony alignment and less on releasing or lengthening tendons. Advances in basic and clinical science and technology development are changing existing paradigms and offering renewed hope for improved functioning for children with CP who are currently facing a lifelong disability with unique challenges at each stage in life.

"... it is the intensity of walking practice, rather than the use of a device, that produces the positive functional outcomes"

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