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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alphabet soup of the medical world

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November is Epilepsy Awareness Month - Get the Seizure Facts

Get the facts about seizures and epilepsy!!

Here is a great one page resource on the facts about seizures. JR

Seizure First Aid Do you know what to do?

From Dr. Rotenberg, Child & Adolescent Neurologist
Board Certified Epileptologist
Member American Epilepsy Society 
www.txmss.com - 714-464-4107

Do you know what to do?
Find out How Seizure Smart You Are and Take the Quiz!
This November, for National Epilepsy Awareness Month, the Epilepsy Foundation is asking everyone to Get Seizure Smart about seizure first aid, recognition and types. Epilepsy affects people of all ages and races, and represents one percent of the population in this country—nearly 3 million people.
Review Seizure First Aid (convulsive, generalized tonic-clonic)