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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sleep Apnea Drops IQ by 10 Points in Children

From Dr. Rotenberg...
Sleep Apnea Drops IQ by 10 Points in Children

"Wide ranging neurocognitive deficits were found at baseline in SDB children compared to controls, most notably a 10 point IQ difference (p<.001) & similar deficits in language and executive function."

What about treatment?

At 6 months s/p adenotnosillectomy, children with OSA still had a lower IQ than controls. Previous studies in adults have shown similar results. But a previous study in children showed normalization with treatment.

Take home message...snoring is not funny. Add sleep disorders to you differential for neuropsychiatric problems. And, remember that disordered sleep can exacerbate any primary neurologic problems.


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